The MISA board generates activities, meetings and student development for students interested in the vast world of technology at CSUN. Our board consists of four executives, nine directors and one president in Spring 2019. They strive to help students reach success and achieve their goals, continuing the same purpose for over 35 years.


Chiharu Fujiwara

Chiharu Fujiwara is completing her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at CSUN. She previously served as the Director of Memberships and the Vice President of Finance, where she got to meet and know new people in the department and built her leadership skills. She is investing in herself at MISA to develop her soft skills, improve her network and ensure professional success in the future. In her free time, she loves going to the beach, traveling around the world and photography.

VP of Events

Jade Lim

Jade Lim is a senior majoring in Computer Information Technology and is graduating this coming May. She first joined MISA as a member in Spring 2018 and then became the Director of Publicity in Fall 2018. Jade hopes to get hired and work for a company that will make a positive impact on our environment. During her free time, she loves to unwind by streaming TV shows, e-gaming, and petting dogs.

VP of Administration

Marina Orojian

Marina Orojian is the Vice President of Administration for the Spring 2019 semester at California State University, Northridge. She was the Director of Events in Fall 2018 and met new people in MISA. Marina is a senior majoring in Information Systems and Accounting. Marina believes that she has a lot to contribute to a team environment and is comfortable in both leadership and player roles. Marina is looking for opportunities to learn new skills to advance her knowledge and experience. Marina’s career goal is to integrate technology into business to maximize productivity and efficiency.

VP of Operations

Mina Askander

Mina Askander is our Vice President of Operations for MISA for Spring 2019. He joined MISA in Fall of 2017 and has been involved ever since. He is majoring in Accounting and Information Systems and he is excited to meet new members and to see returning ones. Mina is also looking forward to having an event filled semester for members and getting to know everyone. His hobbies are going to the beach, driving, hiking with his dog, trying all kinds of foods, working out, and playing golf.

VP of Finance

Erick Shahnazari

Erick Shahnazari is a senior double majoring in Professional Accountancy/Information Systems/Business Honors. He first joined MISA during the Spring Semester of 2018 to develop relationships with like-minded people and classmates from IS courses. Erick’s goal with MISA is to bring in more value for the members with advice and tips for students trying to recruit with Accounting Firms through personal experience. He also likes to travel and do activities such as play Table Tennis and Ski.