The MISA board generates activities, meetings and student development for students interested in the vast world of technology at CSUN. Our board consists of four executives, nine directors and one president in Spring 2019. They strive to help students reach success and achieve their goals, continuing the same purpose for over 35 years.


Charlie Aguilar

Welcome to MISA, I, Charlie Aguilar, am more than honored to serve as President of MISA for the Fall 2019 semester.

I am excited to help in the professional development of our organization and paving the way to a career-focused outcome to our organization and members. However, with the fantastic team behind me like my executives and directors, MISA will help establish a vision.

Quick story about myself, joining MISA wasn’t an easy choice to make because I was one of those people that thought I didn’t need a club to get ahead in a professional field. Wow! Was I was I wrong. MISA opened my eyes in not only networking, but it also allowed me to look at companies, I potentially wanted to work for, and see if it was the right fit for me or not.

VP of Events

Marc Ceniza

Marc Ceniza is a junior year student majoring in Business Information Systems. A transfer student from Los Angeles Pierce College, Marc earned Associates degrees in STEM and behavioral sciences.

First joining MISA in the spring of 2019, Marc’s goal is to assist in developing relations between students and professionals. Starting as an intern at MISA in the spring 2019 semester, Marc learned cultivated knowledge related to the club through the board, leading to a directorship in the events team in the following term. Marc’s goal for MISA is to create a welcoming environment and to coordinate events that are both fun and informative, in the pursuit of creating a greater interest towards CSUN’s MISA.

When not on campus, Marc enjoys working on cars, hiking, and PC repair.

VP of Administration

Petra Antyanti Larisa Anggraeni

Petra Antyanti Larisa Anggraeni is an international student from Indonesia majoring in Computer Information Technology. She transferred to CSUN from Foothill college in the bay area back in fall 2017.

She had a lot of fun joining MISA during fall 2018 semester as a member so that she decided to get more involved and became the Director of Digital Contents/Social Media for the Spring 2019 semester. A semester wasn’t enough for her, she decided to continue her journey with MISA as a VP of Administration for Fall 2019 semester.

She will be overseeing Director of Technology, Director of Digital Content, and also Director of Social Media. With her background in CIT and her past experience in handling social media and digital content, she hope to be able to manage both the marketing and IT aspects of the club.

VP of Operations

Christopher Aguilar

Chris is a senior majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. He first joined the MISA board in Spring 2019 as Director of Publicity. He enjoyed honing his written communication skills and decided to take it to the next level by serving his second term as Vice President of Operations.

As Vice President of Operations, Chris is responsible for scheduling meetings and workshops throughout the semester. He is proud to make (unintentional) mistakes and learn from them. His goal for MISA is to foster relationships with members and alumnus. He enjoys public speaking and drinking Sprite.

VP of Finance

Martin Hauck

Martin Hauck is the Vice President of Finance for the Fall 2019 semester at California State University, Northridge. Martin is a senior majoring in Information Systems. He wants to use information technology to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

He is looking forward to network with students and professionals while expanding on his skills and leadership experiences. His goal as Vice President of Finance is to make MISA feel home for all its members and add additional value to the team.