The MISA board generates activities, meetings and student development for students interested in the vast world of technology at CSUN. Our board consists of one president, six executives, and three directors in Fall 2020. They strive to help students reach success and achieve their goals, continuing the same purpose for over 35 years.


Christopher Aguilar

Chris is a senior dual majoring in Accounting and Information Systems and minoring in English. He joined the MISA board in Spring 2019 to foster relationships with peers and learn more about the field of IS/IT. Thanks to many people, he has risen up, developed himself and has provided value to the team. As President, he is proud to lead new club initiatives such as; MISA’s Mentorship Program, video tutorials for IS course assignments and technical workshops. In his spare time he enjoys creative writing and animation.

VP of Administration

Imran Piracha

Imran Piracha is the Vice president of Administration for the Fall 2020 semester at CSUN. He was the Director of Technology for the Spring 2020 semester at CSUN. He is an undergraduate student as a junior. He is majoring in Information System. His curiosity in technology and computers is what lead him to choose his path towards a degree in Information System. Imran transferred to CSUN in Fall 2017 from Los Angeles Mission College as soon as he completed and received his Associate of Science and certification in Cyber Security. In Spring 2019, Imran joined MISA to learn more about the organization, volunteered as a Director of Technology to gain experience, attended the meeting with different variety of companies once per week. Imran attended varies workshops such as “How to build a resume & cover letter”, “Learn to Network”, etc. Imran’s responsibilities as a Director of Technology for MISA are create/organize the webpage, update the webpage, and diagnose and solve the issue with a webpage. Imran’s hobbies are spending time with family, hunting, bowling, watch NBA and NCAA sports, travel, and read.

VP of Operations

Sobirjon Rakhimjonov

Sobirjon (John) Rakhimjonov is a senior majoring in Information Systems with Business Systems option. He first joined MISA as a member in the Fall of 2018 after transferring from Los Angeles City College, where he earned an associate degree in Business Administration. After being an active member of MISA for two semesters, he became a Director of Meetings for Spring 2019. After completing his directorship, he was voted to be the Vice President of Finance for Spring 2020. Once again, for Fall 2020 he elected to be the Vice President of Operations. As a VP of Operations, he is responsible for a building strong relationship with firms and organize technical meetings. Also, look for companies who can help our club members to find their path in IS/IT industry. In his free time, he likes to go to a hiking, play soccer, and spend a time with his friends. Throughout his college life, he wants to make friends, build networking, and gain a lot of knowledge in cyber security and automation.

VP of Events

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright is a senior majoring in Computer Information Technology and is the Vice President of public events. He first joined MISA in spring of 2018 as a member to find more job and internship opportunities. Wanting to get more involved, he became a director to gain leadership experience and network as much as possible in a business environment. He is a U.S. Army veteran and enjoys Jiu-Jitu on the side.

VP of Finance

Amy Van

Amy Van is a senior majoring in Professional Accountancy. She first joined MISA in Spring 2020 as the club’s Director of Finance. Later, she was voted to be the Vice President of Finance for Fall 2020. However, COVID-19 has resulted in changes with both the club activities within MISA and directorship duties. Amy will be assisting her fellow executives and directors to ensure that the club is able to help students with their career goals. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, reading personal development books, interior decorating, and DIY projects.

VP of Public Relations

Komal Rani

Komal Rani is a Senior majoring in Information System B.S. She transferred to CSUN from Pierce College back in Fall 2017. She first joined MISA as a member in Spring 2019 to build her network and self-confidence with the professionals, students, and organizations. She had a lot of fun joining MISA and decided to get more involved and she became the Director of Digital Contents/Social Media for Fall 2019 semester. She wanted to see herself moving forward, so she decided to get into the next position. She became the Vice-President of Administration for Spring 2020 semester at California State University, Northridge and now as the Vice President of Public Relations in Fall 2020. She will be overseeing Director of Club Development. Komal’s goal
for MISA is sharing new ideas that will offer knowledge and inspirational opportunities for the new students. Komal can delegate others effectively in making decisions and make the members feel like home. Outside the campus, Komal enjoys travelling places with new food and culture, going to beach, gym, sky diving, yoga, playing chess, teaching, and volunteering.

Executive Advisor

Marc Ceniza

Marc Ceniza is a Business Information Systems senior, a transfer student from Pierce College, and a member of the Distance Learning department at CSUN’s Tseng College. Marc joined MISA shortly after changing majors from Information Technology to Information systems, and became a director after interning in the spring of 2019. Initially a director of events in the fall of 2019, Marc became the vice president of events in the following year, and now hopes to lead the club further as an executive advisor this fall. Marc’s goals for the club is to increase growth and connectivity between members by introducing more community focused ideas, as well as maintenance of various channels for communication between members outside of campus.