The MISA board generates activities, meetings and student development for students interested in the vast world of technology at CSUN. Our board consists of five executives, nine directors and one president in Spring 2020. They strive to help students reach success and achieve their goals, continuing the same purpose for over 35 years.

Director of Technology

Imran Piracha

Imran Piracha is the Director of Technology for the Spring 2020 semester at CSUN. Imran is an undergraduate student as a junior. Imran is majoring in Information System. His curiosity in technology and computers is what lead him to choose his path towards a degree in Information System. Imran transferred to CSUN in Fall 2017 from Los Angeles Mission College as soon as he completed and received his Associate of Science and certification in Cyber Security. In Spring 2019, Imran joined MISA to learn more about the organization, volunteered as a Director of Technology to gain experience, attended the meeting with different variety of companies once per week. Imran attended varies workshops such as “How to build a resume & cover letter”, “Learn to Network”, etc. Imran’s responsibilities as a Director of Technology for MISA are create/organize the webpage, update the webpage, and diagnose and solve the issue with a webpage. Imran’s hobbies are spending time with family, hunting, bowling, watch NBA and NCAA sports, travel, and read.

Director of Finance

Amy Van

Amy Van is the Director of Finance for the Spring 2020 semester. Amy is a Senior majoring in Accounting and has an interest in taxation. She will be graduating in Spring 2020. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and exploring LA’s food scene.

Director of Memberships

Glendy Martinez

Glendy Martinez is a senior majoring in Business Information Systems. Glendy was previously the Director for Marketing but now in Fall 2019 she is the Events Director. She assists with setting up weekly meetings, helping the membership drive and planning club events for socializing Outside of school she loves to keep an active lifestyle and travel to places with new cultures and food.

Director of Meetings

Wariss Suriya

Wariss Suriya is a member and director of meetings for Spring 2020 at California State University, Northridge. Wariss is a senior majoring in Systems and Operation Management. How does he join MISA? Well, He did not know where to start? The reason he joined MISA was to learn about networking, computers, and so much more that will go to his career. He received a flyer invitation email from his instructor of IS 312, recommended to attend the meeting. It was his first time attended to MISA meeting in Fall 2019 and met Charlie Aguilar, President of MISA. Then, I got connections with other directors who learned my language which was “Thai”. As a Director of Meetings, I will try my best for MISA to have fun and enjoy life for this semester. In his current life, he makes friendships and connects more with everybody. I am also a member of CSUN Alpfa after he was invited by his friends from previous classes When he has free time, he likes to spend time with friends on events, entertaining to himself and the people, record filming and taking pictures to post on social media.

Director of Public Events

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright is a junior majoring in Computer Information Technology and is the director of public events. He first joined MISA in spring of 2018 as a member to find more job and internship opportunities. Wanting to get more involved, he became a director to gain leadership experience and network as much as possible in a business environment. He is a U.S. Army veteran and enjoys Jiu-Jitu on the side.

Director of Fundraising Events

Rakan Abdelsalam

Rakan Abdelsalam is a senior majoring in Business Information Systems. Rakan was previously an active member of MISA since Fall 2018. A transfer student from Santa Monica College, Rakan earned started in education path in Computer Science, then earned an Associate Degrees in Business Administration and Public Policy.
Rakan hopes to develop more experience and knowledge in Information Systems and CyberSecurity by creating fun and enjoyable fundraising events.

Director of Social Media

Cidney Marbella

Cidney Marbella is the Director of Social Media for the Spring 2020 semester. Cidney is a Senior majoring in Computer Information Technology and has an interest in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Network Administration. Cidney will be graduating in Spring 2021. In his spare time, she enjoys traveling, exploring LA’s food scene, and most importantly skateboarding.

Director of Digital Contents

Michael Munoz

Michael Munoz is a Senior majoring in Business Information Systems. He is the Director of Digital Contents for the Spring 2020 semester. His duties include creating and managing blogs for MISA, creating flyers for weekly presentations, and helping design merchandise for students to sport their MISA spirit. Michael joined MISA as a member in Fall 2019 to help build a network that would carry on for years after graduation. He enjoyed being a member so much that he decided to get more involved with the organization and took on a Directorship role. He hopes to recruit as many students as he can while working along side of them in hopes to find career opportunities for everyone in the organization. Outside of school Michael enjoys camping, snowboarding, and working on cars.

Director of Club Development

Guillermo Moreno

Guillermo Moreno is a Senior majoring in Information Systems in Business with a minor in Finance. He is the director of Club Development for the Spring 2020 semester. He hopes to continue MISA’s vision of empowering ambitious students to explore the business technology industry as professionals. He looks forward to finding new opportunities for club development and build relationships with leaders in the technology field, to form professional development, technical skills, and career opportunities for our members. Guillermo first join MISA in the Fall 2019 with the intentions to expand his networking with professionals and look for recruitment opportunities. Throughout his involvement in our association, he plans to work in Information Technology Audit, Assurance, Business Analytics, or Cyber Security. His interests outside of school, Guillermo likes history, stock market, watching movies, traveling, and playing drums with his friends