The MISA board generates activities, meetings and student development for students interested in the vast world of technology at CSUN. Our board consists of four executives, nine directors and one president in Spring 2019. They strive to help students reach success and achieve their goals, continuing the same purpose for over 35 years.

Director of Technology

Edwin Burgos

Edwin Burgos will be taking the role as Director of Technology for the Fall 2019 semsester. Edwin is a graduating Senior majoring in Computer Information Technlology (CIT) and minoring in Geographic Information Science (GIS). His curiosity in technology and computers is what lead him to choose his path towards a degree in CIT. Edwin transffered to CSUN in the Fall of 2017 from College of the Canyons where he recieved his Associates of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with in emphasis in Math and Science.

In his 4th semsester at CSUN, he joined MISA to gain experience in networking, relationship building as well as learn about different career opportunities. While in MISA he attended varies workshops such as “How to build a resume” workshop, “Learn to Network” workshop. He also atteded Meet the Firms where he was about to meet a recruiter for Farmers Insurance which lead him to his current full-time posistion with the company.

While not in school or working, Edwin enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, traveing and cooking.

Director of Finance

Navid Hariri

Navid Hariri is the Director of Finance for the Fall 2019 semester at California State University, Northridge. Navid is a senior majoring in Information Systems.

Navid loves coding and knows many languages. He also enjoys making videos and posting them on his many YoutTube channels. Navid wants to use information technology to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

He is looking forward to network with students and professionals while expanding on his skills, leadership experiences, and making life-long friends. His goal as Director of Finance is to have smooth finance operations during the semester and add additional value to the team.

Director of Membership

Ashley Perkins

Ashley Perkins is majoring in Business Information Systems. He first joined MISA as a club member back in the Fall semester of 2018 with the intention of networking with professionals and other students in the same department. His goal with MISA is to continue the legacy that MISA has established through the years by influencing new members in gaining to recruit with Accounting and Technology firms. Further, He would also like to bring on a broader range of club member, not only from the IS department. He also has a deep passion for everything technology including cybersecurity.

Director of Digital Contents

Komal Rani

Komal Rani is a Senior majoring in Information System B.S. She is the Director of Digital content for the Fall 2019 semester at California State University, Northridge.

She first joined MISA as a member in Spring 2019 to build her network and self-confidence with the professionals, students, and organizations. Komal’s goal for MISA is sharing new ideas that will offer knowledge and inspirational opportunities for the new students. Komal can delegate others effectively in making decisions and ability to cope with the failure and learn from mistakes.

Director of Publicity

Michael R. Moradian

Michael R. Moradian is a Senior majoring in Information Systems – Business Systems. He is the director of publicity for the Fall 2019 semester and hopes to be able to continue the growth and expansion of MISA by contributing his time, efforts, and expertise. He looks forward to helping other students learn more about opportunities and emerging technologies in the field.

Michael first joined MISA in the Spring of 2019 in hopes of meeting professionals in the Information Systems industry to gain insight from their experiences and learn about employment opportunities. He aspires to work in Technology Consulting, helping organizations come up with solutions to difficult and unusual business cases.

Outside of school, Michael enjoys working on cars, traveling, and hosting dinners with family and friends.

Director of Meetings

Sobirjon “John” Rakhimjonov

Sobirjon (John) Rakhimjonov is a junior majoring in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Technology. He first joined MISA as a member in the Fall of 2018 after transferring from Los Angeles City College, where he earned an associate degree in Business Administration. As the Director of Meetings for Spring 2019, he is excited to work with his teammates in order to make MISA one of the best clubs at CSUN.

Throughout his college life, he wants to make friends, network, and gain a lot of knowledge in cybersecurity.

Director of Public Events

Marc Paul Ceniza

Marc Paul Ceniza is a junior year student majoring in Business Information Systems. A transfer student from Los Angeles Pierce College, Marc earned Associates degrees in STEM and behavioral sciences.

First joining MISA in the spring of 2019, his goal was to develop relations with both professionals and other students in the information systems department. Marc was an intern in the club during the semester, learning the inner workings of the club and working with the board, leading to his role as director of public events. Marc’s goal for MISA is to create a welcoming environment and direct events that are both fun and informative, hopefully creating a greater interest in the information systems department at CSUN.

When not on campus, he enjoys working on cars, hiking, and going to the beach.

Director of Events

Glendy Martinez

Glendy Martinez is a senior majoring in Business Information Systems. Glendy was previously
the Director for Marketing but now in Fall 2019 she is the Events Director. She assists with
setting up weekly meetings, helping the membership drive and planning club events for

Outside of school she loves to keep an active lifestyle and travel to places with new cultures and food.

Director of Social Media

Thanawan Sriratchaya

Thanawan Sriratchaya is currently a senior majoring in Accounting at Califonia State
Northridge. She will be graduating in December 2019. She joined MISA as a member in Spring
2019 after her classmates from Information Systems class kept bragging her about how much fun
the MISA club is. She is currently serving as the Director of Digital Content for the Fall 2019
semester. Even though she is not an IS major, she has passion to learn more about IS. She knows
that having more IS knowledge and experience will help advance her career. Her goals are to
promote MISA club through social media and to have more students join, engage and involve
themselves in the club. Her favorite extracurricular activities are travelling, video editing, and
playing golf.