Careers at LADWP

We had a wonderful time with Alina from LADWP. She provided a very insightful presentation about her experience working with the state. Internships and full-time opportunities are available. Internships are ideal for students who have two years left and have declared their major to be within the field of technology. Alina deconstructed the stigma attached […]

IoT Hacking 101 with Layer8

Thank you all for attending our IOT Hacking meeting in collaboration with Layer8. Layer8 is CSUN’s Computer Security Club that educates students about computer security and holds friendly competitions to practice skills. Members of the club have competed in National Computer Security Competitions such as the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (WRCCDC), National Cyber […]

Scrum Master Talk with Answer Financial

Scrum is a task management tool utilized for software development. There are many pillars when conducting a task which communicate with other respective systems in the organization. Projects are managed and undergo a Sprint cycle, which are progress reports broken down into smaller tasks. Tasks including; Product Backlogging, Sprint Planning, Sprint Backlog, Daily Scrums, Sprint […]

Get Artsy With Creative Media Studio

From the size, material, to details, 3D printing depends on various factors. Prosthetics, models and instructional tools all can be 3D printed. The Creative Media Studio in the Oviatt Library provides free 3D printing for CSUN students. Whether it’s for school or for personal use. Students are allowed to print whatever they desire as long […]


This week’s meeting we proudly hosted META+LAB’s Docker Containers and AWS talk. META+LAB is a student-led software development hub at California State University, Northridge. They provide web development services to the university and to clients in the LA area. META+LAB is an extension of the university’s academic program, albeit they function as a collaborative tech […]

Cyber Security Talk with ADS Consulting Group

ADS consulting is an IT Consulting Firm specializing in IT Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Services, Security, IT Outsourcing and Needs Analysis. We had the honor to have our alumni, Alan Sugano from ADS consulting giving us a talk about Cyber Security. Here are some key highlights of the meeting; Entering the field of Cybersecurity, one must […]

Get to Know ProSearch!

Our meeting with ProSearch was fantastic! We had the honor to have Chris Minassian and Samuel Park from ProSearch as our guest speakers. ProSearch Strategies is a firm which mostly specializes in using data for legal services. Services include cyber security and forensic support used to uphold privacy among users. The firm pays for employees […]