Broaden Your Horizons with Linxworks

Thank you all for those who attended the meeting with Linxworks.

CSUN alumni and firm President, Nikhil Jerath came through. His team was unfortunately unable to attend, but thanks to technology they were able to join us virtually.

Linxworks operates in the United States and Canada, looking to expand in other countries, eventually.

He firstly mentioned how working in any industry requires wearing many different hats. In doing so he debunked the many sectors of the management team and talent tech consultants.

Leads are needed for each sector whether it’s project management or data recovery.

Nikhil mentioned the importance of having empathy with clients to pretend that they are utilizing the services.

To be successful with an internship is to “know what you know. Be open to learning what you don’t know.” Meaning reaching out for help is always a continuous process we all must be accustomed to.

As Nikhil mentioned, CSUN gets first priority over other IS/IT students in other universities. Training simulations are provided before going to actual client sites. In the long run, the firm is open to expanding to other countries. As of now, they are not providing sponsorship for foreign students, yet.

On the topic of internships, we want to thank our interns for willing to put in their effort. We hope they succeed wherever they go whether it’s with being a director with MISA or another club, we know they’ll find their way.

We encourage all of you to apply for a directorship for Fall 2019!

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