IoT Hacking 101 with Layer8

Thank you all for attending our IOT Hacking meeting in collaboration with Layer8. Layer8 is CSUN’s Computer Security Club that educates students about computer security and holds friendly competitions to practice skills. Members of the club have competed in National Computer Security Competitions such as the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (WRCCDC), National Cyber League (NCL), United States Cyber Challenge (USCC), and other CTF competitions. We had the privilege of having Ron Revilla, Layer8’s Director of finance teaching us IoT hacking.

We hope you have gained valuable insight regarding the IoT. Some of the main takeaways from our meeting are:

  1. The thought process behind IoT security – This is not an excuse for us to start breaking stuff that isn’t ours 😛
  2. The thought process behind IoT attack frameworks
  3. A little bit of paranoia of how easy it might be to break in and hack – hopefully that will raise our awareness

If you were unable to attend our meeting, don’t worry because we are very fortunate that Ron is willing to share the link to his presentation! Check out the link below and hope you can learn as much as we did from Ron! 🙂



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