Careers at LADWP

We had a wonderful time with Alina from LADWP. She provided a very insightful presentation about her experience working with the state.

Internships and full-time opportunities are available. Internships are ideal for students who have two years left and have declared their major to be within the field of technology.

Alina deconstructed the stigma attached to working with the state (stagnant, routine, seniority-based advancements). In the field of technology, there are always new concepts and languages to learn. LADWP has social committees within the office for employees to socialize and engage with each other. The benefits offered with LADWP is 50% tuition reimbursement should employees want to pursue a graduate degree and discounted amusement park tickets. There’s even a gym within the building for employees and student interns to use. Advancement within LADWP is based on merit and character.

To apply send an email to ITS_SPW.Internships@ladwp.com

In your email attach the following documents:

  • Cover Letter – One-page letter entailing your objectives from the internship and your interest in Information Technology.
  • Resume
  • School Transcripts (Official or Unofficial) If your GPA isn’t as high you want it to be, describe your development in your cover letter.
  • Reference Letters (Optional)
  • Certificates (Optional)

The application deadline is Friday, June 14th, 2019 For Summer/Fall Internships.

Sadly, LADWP does not sponsor for nonresidents, all applicants must be a permanent resident or have a green card authorizing them to work in the United States.

The first internship would be more general in knowing the applicant themselves, afterward, future interviews would be geared towards the specific field of interest.

While certifications are not needed to be considered an ideal candidate, they are helpful during an interview to foster a discussion. Opportunities with the City of Los Angeles are endless, i.e. you may interview for the fire department and land an offer with the transportation department.

The application process does take time, the time frame from making an application, having it reviewed, getting background checks, conducting interviews, passing exams and finally training for the position takes two to six months. Normally the exams are multiple choice and study material is provided on the LADWP website.


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