Scrum Master Talk with Answer Financial

Scrum is a task management tool utilized for software development. There are many pillars when conducting a task which communicate with other respective systems in the organization. Projects are managed and undergo a Sprint cycle, which are progress reports broken down into smaller tasks. Tasks including; Product Backlogging, Sprint Planning, Sprint Backlog, Daily Scrums, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective. All of which are needed for projects to be finished in a timely manner rather than to have projects compiled into one single time frame, the projects are spread out orderly.

The cycle of collaboration follows with; forming, storming, norming and performing. Much like a game of Rugby, where players are to hand off the ball to each respective member to meet an end goal. The players may be inexperienced should they receive the opportunity, but they are included in the project. 

Answer Financial discussed the criteria required to adapt to their firm’s technological needs. Emotional intelligence is required in any technical environment, even if the bulk of the work is done remotely. Deadlines are to be met and client interface is as important as ever when meeting said deadlines. Their firm looks highly upon applicants who embrace change, are flexible, take initiative and most importantly, applicants who are certified!

The ability to make the most reserved person, active, is the art of team work. For instance, some board members felt ill at ease committing to their first directorship role, but they push through with team work. Now we’re doing just fine being innovative with our ideas and hosting the KBBQ!

Below are the snapshot of our meeting with Answer Financial 🙂

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