Get Artsy With Creative Media Studio

From the size, material, to details, 3D printing depends on various factors. Prosthetics, models and instructional tools all can be 3D printed.

The Creative Media Studio in the Oviatt Library provides free 3D printing for CSUN students. Whether it’s for school or for personal use. Students are allowed to print whatever they desire as long as it’s not something inappropriate for class/work setting. Materials are typically biodegradable plastic.

The process to print projects are to:

  1. Have your STL files readily available to print, either in a USB or email yourself the file.
  2. Go to the Creative Media Studio on the first floor of the library. An assistant will help you with pulling up your files and placing them on the Cura software.
  3. After the student assistant provides their advice and information, in respect to the libraries printing policies. They will also ask you to pick the color of your choice, normally prints are a single color. Special requests for multiple colors can be addressed. Print jobs can not be longer than 12 hours and not over 160 grams.
  4. Printing takes a week and a half to process fully. Student print jobs are put in a paper bag with a cute sticker on it!


Websites used to obtain STL files are:

  • Thingiverse (preloaded with models)
  • Tinkercad (customizable shared)
  • Selva3D (mostly paid, for photos, logos)
  • Blender (free software to download on an open source)
  • Cura and Slic3r are open source programs used for free to measure your project size.
  • Meshmixer for free to edit STL files. Usually ideal for science projects such as hands, prostetics, art, logos, robotics, and instructional models.

Feel free to reach out to Isis for more information. She is usually behind the IT desk where laptops are checked out.

Thank you all for attending our meeting and below are the snapshots of our meeting!







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