This week’s meeting we proudly hosted META+LAB’s Docker Containers and AWS talk. META+LAB is a student-led software development hub at California State University, Northridge. They provide web development services to the university and to clients in the LA area. META+LAB is an extension of the university’s academic program, albeit they function as a collaborative tech startup. In this meeting, we debunked the many uses of Docker in terms of backlogging.

Jorge Ruiz and Lisa Smith from META + Lab informed us of the services Docker provides to simplify the process data retention and understanding AWS. Docker is a software used to optimize web applications with minimal waste to run efficiently. Docker does so by having containers used for data persistence and has environmental behaviors which can be given commands. All containers can be orchestrated to develop data retention. This helps users to have a safer experience using their apps.

Jorge provided a demonstration of a Docker command. The command ran smoothly as Jorge also emphasized the importance of container hygiene. Docker containers do not run as efficient if not properly maintained, otherwise, they will use more data than they would need resulting in slower app performance. Before finishing, Jorge alluded to our meeting with EY as they use AWS and how AWS has become the norm for businesses. This transitioned to our next guest, Lisa Smith, lecturer of META + Lab and CSUN Alumni.

AWS is a cloud platform used for web services. Cloud computing is storing data over the internet not requiring any physical hardware to store data. Like when you are writing an essay at the last minute and need to use Google Docs to avoid any last minute mishaps with your current writing application. Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Nimbus are some of the cloud platforms, but AWS is one that is mostly known well. AWS functions with hundreds of services including; application hosting, backup and storage, flexibility, and elasticity.

The Educate Program is provided for students to receive more information and hands-on training for the AWS exam. Students are also eligible for $100 educational credit when they sign up at the following website; https://aws.amazon.com/education/awseducate/

META + Lab Pathfinders Program offers students supplemental preparation to take the AWS certification exam. META + Lab Friday sessions consist of both hands-on and lecture style learning to help students make the best use of their time there. This is ideal for students to expand their knowledge on cloud computing Students involved with Pathfinders are also given a 50% discount on their certification exam (normally $100).

Thursday, April 11th, the AWS Summit is happening in Anaheim. This convention is completely free of charge and includes breakfast, labs, sessions, swag, and more goodies. If interested, you may learn more about it using the following link; https://aws.amazon.com/events/summits/anaheim/

Lisa discussed her experience with being a student and her growth by being involved with her campus resources. She has seen students grow and move onto large companies such as Blizzard that utilize AWS.

Last but not least, on the topic of involvement, MISA still has internship positions open for anyone who is willing to learn more about how we keep our club afloat. The rotational program allows you to discover which directorship you fit in with for next semester. You get to shadow one of our fantastic directors/executives for three weeks to get a feel for what they contribute to the club. Feel free to reach out to a board member for more information!




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