Cyber Security Talk with ADS Consulting Group

ADS consulting is an IT Consulting Firm specializing in IT Infrastructure, Virtualization, Cloud Services, Security, IT Outsourcing and Needs Analysis. We had the honor to have our alumni, Alan Sugano from ADS consulting giving us a talk about Cyber Security.

Here are some key highlights of the meeting;

Entering the field of Cybersecurity, one must have the capacity or knowledge of hurting others. This gives a better understanding of how one can protect themselves from the potential risks of having their data exploited. To truly understand the have the “can I?” kind of mentality rather than asking, “should I?” To protect yourself, you must learn how others might harm you.

Big name companies like Target and Equifax who have faced security comprises due to poor computer hygiene. Poor computer hygiene includes; not updating your system, not setting up a Web Application Firewall, not backing up your data, not siloing your network, not air gapping your network, or installing software that’s difficult to secure. Thus allowing hackers to unravel confidential information with ease during times of inactivity, typically from 1 AM – 4 AM. Java was a prime example used this meeting for users to find it difficult to confine information.

Updating your devices regularly without disregarding the “remind me later.” message pays off in the long run. The same is said about setting up two-step verification on emails. Not using the “save password” feature on your devices pays off as well in the event of your device being in the wrong hands.

On the topic of long-term benefits, Alan discussed the value of education and recommends taking the most difficult professors. If you are able to get passed that one professor, you are capable of pursuing a career with your degree. Worst-case scenario, you’d repeat the course, but at least you’ll also learn something about yourself. Otherwise, taking easier courses with lenient professors would cause you to develop a mentality where you have an ample amount of wiggle room to make errors. In the field of technology, accuracy is crucial to prevent any lawsuits or an unreliable presence to a firm.

To succeed within the field of Cybersecurity you must take initiative and be willing to learn. For instance, some virus detection applications only detect viruses, they never erase the virus or actually recommend you to do anything. Taking that initiative to suggest solutions and get out of situations immediately is important in preventing future security compromises.

In closing, your information is priceless, have you ever searched your name on Google? What results did you find besides your LinkedIn profile (if you have one)? Did you come across an old post or photo you thought you deleted? Would you feel comfortable if your search history were exposed to everyone online right now? These are the type of questions you should ask yourself to understand how a potential employer researches their applicants.

Thank you all for your patronage in supporting MISA! We look forward to meeting with you at future events.





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