Get to Know ProSearch!

Our meeting with ProSearch was fantastic! We had the honor to have Chris Minassian and Samuel Park from ProSearch as our guest speakers.

ProSearch Strategies is a firm which mostly specializes in using data for legal services. Services include cyber security and forensic support used to uphold privacy among users. The firm pays for employees to take their RCA (Relatively Certified Administrator) certification exam to become more efficient in their tasks.

A little about the presenters, Chris Minassian (CSUN Alumni and Former MISA President!) and Samuel Park, both worked for KPMG before going to ProSearch. Their transition was mostly motivated to have more opportunity with their career path in terms of flexibility. They decided to give back to students and provide them with insight into what the company has to offer.

As of now, ProSearch is only hiring for students who will soon be graduating. At the moment, there is no certain sponsorship for noncitizen employees. Still, feel free to reach out to them should that change at some time.

Most importantly, they have discussed the importance of being involved on campus more than being a passive member in an organization. On the topic of involvement, MISA is opening internship positions for anyone interested in learning about who we are and what we do to keep our meetings running smoothly! Feel free to reach out to a Director or Executive to know more about the opportunity.

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