How to Meet the Firms with Abby Wilson from Green Hasson Janks

Green Hasson Janks is a Los-Angeles based accounting, tax and consulting firm that partners with clients to help grow their businesses. We had the privilege to have Green Hasson Janks’ recruiter, Abby Wilson Coaching our members on “How to Meet the Firms”. We definitely benefit so much from the meeting and we are more prepared to face meet the firms.

Here are a few things to highlight from the meeting;

Be honest, if you made a bad first impression from a firm, acknowledge that fact and prove that you’ve grown since then. Whether you didn’t research a firm well enough or went in too strong, you can always recover and redeem yourself.

Naturally, transition a conversation from business to personal topics. Ask meaningful questions you truly want to know about. For example, KPMG has social clubs within their organization, when talking to a professional from KPMG ask if they are a part of a club. From there the conversation will become more memorable.

In terms of standing out and being more memorable, do not join a group conversation at random. If a professional begins rounding up students for group conversations, that’s a cue to join. Be sure to make yourself heard, or even excusing yourself out of a group conversation would make you stand out in a positive way.

Be sure to talk to other professionals within the firm. Once you’ve finished speaking with one professional, exit the conversation by politely asking them if they could introduce you to someone else within the firm.

Apply for SLP or summer opportunities in advance to prove to the firms that you’re on top of everything.

If you are an international student, be sure to introduce yourself then directly ask if they sponsor international students. If they don’t, ask if you could leave your resume with them in case they someday decide to sponsor international students.

If you want to score swag, wait until around the end of the event when they start packing up. At that point, they’ll be begging for people to take it.

Thank you for attending! For those who couldn’t make it, thank you for your patronage in supporting MISA!

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